Wednesday, July 7, 2010

berlin is such a lucky city.  those berliners have a beautiful and efficient subway system (up-to-the-minute arrival times and round-the-clock trains? yes please!) and an urban design that somehow synthesizes the need for large green spaces and predictable street grids, AND has the world's finest beer gardens (if i'm going to drink beer outside, it might as well be legal and while i'm surrounded by well-maintained greenery and quaint garden furniture!).  berliners probably also would not write run on sentences like that last one, and i appreciate that.

all this, plus delicious beer, PLUS the world's greatest graffiti.  i treasure the photos of the graffiti i snapped over there.  each time i saw real-life pieces by os gemeos and jr and banksy and swoon and blu i felt like the luckiest girl on earth.  there was actual jumpings-ups-and-downs and some dolphin-pitched squeals every time.

so! one of the pieces that provoked squeals of joy was blu, who is actually italian, but seems to like berlin.  blu also makes these incredible time-lapse videos of his works that seems incredibly inefficient, but i suppose that is the italian way.  this video is 10 minutes long.  10 MINUTES!  but if your options for the next 10 minutes are to look at some ridiculous photos on the interweb or watch this video, your time is much better spent here.  it's amazing.
BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.
 From the Zaragoza Urban Art Festival in Spain.  Thanks, Wooster Collective!