Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ms. ciesemier's rough n' tough bruiser girls

i've just moved into my new house, and while there's lots of beautiful prints that i have the pleasure of owning (hi there, dan mccarthy and daniel danger!) i have a giant soft spot for the roller derby print given to me by the kind folks at the extra-delicious zella's pizzeria in Baltimore.

Not only does Baltimore in general and the Charm City Roller Girls in specifics kick ass, but the Roller Girls also happen to have some amazing artists creating their promo posters. The one I am happy to have hung next to the liquor cabinet is below - what a beaut! have you ever seen a bruise you wanted to poke more than the one on her thigh?

she's just as saucy in Ciesmier's original colorway.

it looks like fierceness is Ciesemier's specialty! take a peek at this little fireball!

but then I go to visit her site and see things that are amazing and don't have any fierce women at all! is there nothing ms. ciesemier can't do?!

apparently not. keep churning out the goodness, kali ciesemier.

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