Friday, March 12, 2010

ms. katchadourian has a good head on her shoulders.

oh, i hope you are all ready for a treat. i've just been privileged enough to stumble upon Nina Katchadourian, who somehow manages to create public art, sculptures, photographs, paper-based art, fabric-based art... goodness, she just does it all.

The two below are from a half-day public project instructing students and faculty at southwestern college to park by color. my excitement-over-color radar is off the charts with these photos.

These two are from an animal crossdressing project - here's shots of a boa dressed as a mouse. brill.

i'm completely charmed. please visit her site and make sure to pay close attention to her map dissection, which won my heart.


  1. the cross-dressing boa constrictor definitely gives me the squeeches. i'm certain a large rat would feel squeechier about it, though.