Friday, April 2, 2010


I give you the SEED CATHEDRAL!

This giant (66 feet tall!) structure is sitting over in China for Shanghai's World Expo opening in May. China apparently just likes to make things big (see: Great Wall, Giant Salamander, Giant Panda, Yangtze Dam). it has 60,000 25-foot-long fiber optic rods protruding from the center, and each rod is encapsulating a cluster of seeds from the Kew Gardens' (swoon!) Millennium Seed Bank.

The artist, Thomas Heatherwick, has plans to distribute the rods and their seeds all over, like dandelion seeds, to schools for study after the Expo has finished. Chinese folks have started to nickname the thing 'the dandelion'.

It gets better - Mr. Heatherwick's press release says each rod will be illuminated at night. CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER THAN A GIANT GLOWING BALL OF SEEDS?! no, me either.

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